The Akashic Records: The Energetic Imprint Of All Past, Present & Future Possibilites - with Chiara Maya


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Real Talk For The New Age. - Created and hosted by Rebekah Muir. Episode 20 - THE AKASHIC RECORDS: THE ENERGETIC IMPRINT OF ALL PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE POSSIBILITIES - with Chiara Maya. “The Akashic Records are the energetic record of humanity. I would expand on that to say the energetic record of anything with a life force. So that includes anything that’s being created like businesses, or anything in nature. So it has that quality… the vibrational record of each individual soul and it’s journey. 'Akasha' is a Sanskrit word and it means ‘primary substance’ or ‘the first crystallization of spirit’. And so the Akasha - when you tune into that energy field - is the highest form of vibrational energy. And it has an exquisite fineness. It can have an imprint put on it because of that exquisite fineness. So what that imprint is are the past, present and future possibilities. You can get into the record of an individual person or of a business, a certain type of tree, or a certain type of animal species. And you can tune into that archive and ask questions about the past, present and future possibilities of whatever you’re looking for guidance around.” Find Chiara at