The Alchemy of Reiki, with Anna Pickering


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Hello, Alchemists! Welcome to week two of, The Alchemy of Reiki series. Today you will meet Anna, of Sisterhood of the Rose Reiki. Anna found Reiki after becoming a mother for the second time. She was exhausted, anxious, depressed, angry, lost. You name it, she felt it. Now Anna uses meditation and Reiki as tools on her path of self-love and peacefulness. Her practice has become a lifeline, a toolbox and a complete shift in mindset that helps her work through emotions. Anna says her practice has given the gift of understanding herself in higher ways, which inspired her to create her own business, helping others deal with similar challenges through energy work. Learn more about Anna and her work at and I hope you enjoy this second installment of the Alchemy of Reiki series and find inspiration through what's shared. Visit to learn more about Yolanda, The Energetic Alchemist, and to join the Alchemy Circle. xo