The Alchemy of Reiki, with Melinda Pavlata


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Hello, Alchemists! Today is the first installment of a five-part series, The Alchemy of Reiki. I had the pleasure of sitting with members of the Alchemy Circle to discuss their personal relationships to Reiki, other aspects of their spiritual practices and how this work is reflected in their everyday lives. Today you will meet Melinda. Beyond Reiki, she shares how growing up with creative parents, traveling as a child and becoming a performer are linked to the spiritual practice she has developed throughout her life. Melinda takes us on a journey, highlighting lessons of adaptation and how managing energy as a performer taught her the power of intention and being in her authority. She also shares how becoming a mother amplified a need for self-focus and radical authenticity. Melinda ‘Melina’ Pavlata grew up performing as a child in Greece and in the U.S. as a professional belly dancer and circus artist. She is Co-founder and Director of Moody Street Circus, her family-run studio. She loves to connect students to the power and radiance of their own artistic and physical potential both in the ground and in the air. She loves conjuring magic and creating supportive community through dance and circus arts. She has taught and performed at beautiful venues around the world including Victoria Theatre in Singapore, Le Zèbre in Paris, and the Athens by Night taverna in the Plaka of Greece. Learn more about Melinda and her work at, or I hope you enjoy this first installment of the Alchemy of Reiki series and find inspiration through what's shared. Visit to learn more about Yolanda, The Energetic Alchemist, and to join the Alchemy Circle. xo