The Alchemy of Reiki, with Padma


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Hello, Alchemist! On today's episode, you'll enjoy laughter and inspiration through all that is shared by Padma, of Earth Lotus Reiki. Padma is a Reiki Master-Teacher and Chakra Healing Practitioner. Although she comes from a family that has been practicing energy work through Reiki, yoga, and Ayurveda for decades, Padma became more disciplined in her approach and practice when she received initiation into a more traditional lineage of Usui Reiki Ryoho. We discuss finding sameness between various systems of practice, chakras, the light and dark aspects of goddess energy and how working to strengthen throat chakra energy also reveals aspects of mind. Through her practice, Padma has been able to manage her chronic pains, while also coming into deeper understanding of the essence of inner stillness. Her journey of healing with Reiki continues to be transformative and uplifting, encouraging her to help people seeking deeper meaning in life. Padma is especially passionate about empowering women to find and free themselves, in hopes that they reclaim their voices and power, beyond wounds of cultural, familial, or societal conditioning. To learn more about Padma and her work, visit I hope you enjoy this fifth and final installment of the Alchemy of Reiki series, finding inspiration through what's shared. Visit to learn more about Yolanda, The Energetic Alchemist, and to join the Alchemy Circle. xo