The Alseran Ruling One Year On; Session 2: A Critical Assessment of Recent Investigations and Prevention Efforts


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Bonavero Institute of Human Rights


On the first anniversary of the Alseran ruling, where it was found that detainees in British military custody in Iraq had suffered inhuman and degrading treatment, and had been unlawfully detained. The Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, together with Leigh Day, hosted a seminar to discuss the implications of recent case law on British military detention in Iraq. Panellists; Dr Thomas Obel Hansen (University of Ulster) will speak about his recent co-authored discussion paper (with Dr Carla Ferstman and Dr Noora Arajarvi) 'The UK in Iraq: Efforts and Prospects for Accountability for International Crimes Allegations: A Discussion Paper' (University of Essex Human Rights Centre; Ulster University Transitional Justice Initiative 2018). Dr Elizabeth Stubbins Bates (Merton College, Oxford) will present her research findings on the British Army's training in international humanitarian law, making predictions for future military operations. Chair: Professor Dapo Akande (Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict)