The Art of Holy Chutzpah - Parshat Pinchas


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Religion & Spirituality

Sweetest Friends, Ahhh, the world we livein today can be quite confusing at times. We all want to connect to somethingspiritual and pure. And in our deepest heart we feel and want to believe thatGod and our Torah offer that peaceful opportunity to us. But then someone withthe title "Rabbi" or someone claiming to be a representative of Godcomes along and hurts us with uncompassionate words or downright hatefulattitudes.  And something in ourheart both breaks and becomes strong. Our heart breaks because the Soul insideus has been hurt by the false-interpretations of HaShem's ideas. And it becomesstrong, because something defiant and pure is born inside us; the unwaveringvoice of our True Spiritual Self.  But where do we go fromthere?  How do we find our way in a world so confused about what God wantsfor us? Give a listen to thisweek's 12-minute Shu-Shine for some guidance about how to honor that HolyChutzpah voice inside you!  With love and gentlefire, ~Shu