THE BREAK DOWN (TBD): #11? Talking 9-5’s; in Sports & Squash


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Jobs Talk with Conor, Bill, and PJ   THE BREAK DOWN (TBD) #11?: Talking 9-5’s; in Sports & Squash   Welcome back to Episode 11 of The Break Down! By popular demand, Conor and Bill welcome back Squash TV’s Paul Johnson, otherwise known as PJ Squash. Obviously there is a trend towards becoming a coach once the professionals players retire from the game, but today’s episode looks at some of the other job s you can do in the sports world that don’t require playing on the field, from beer vendor and hotdog taster to golf caddy and everything in between! With his drink of choice in hand, PJ weighs in on the only other positions he would consider and shares why he believes he already has the best job in the world. We outline some well-paid jobs, including being a coffee maker for a Premier League team or the head squash coach at Yale University, and we reflect on why being an athlete is probably still the best job in sports. Tune in today!    Key Points From This Episode:   With a neat 15-year-old Glenlivet in hand, PJ kicks off today’s episode. Some other jobs in the sports world, from scoreboard operator to beer vendor. Learn more about becoming a Major League Baseball hotdog taster. The only two jobs PJ would consider: Premier League agent or golf caddy to Tiger Woods. Even with the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, PJ believes the pros of being a caddie outweigh the cons. The appeal of being employed as a bullpen catcher by a Major League Baseball team. Conor explains why he would enjoy being a sports business development strategist. Well-paid salaries in the Premier League include throw-in coaches and coffee makers. To avoid hidden costs and “sculduggery”, PJ explains how some Premier League players hire family members as their agents. Top job opportunities in squash, like head coach for men and women at Yale University. PJ reflects on the tough responsibilities that the head squash coach at Yale would have. Good private club jobs in the US, like head pro position at University Club of New York. Why PJ believes he has the best job in squash as an ex-player and now commentator. How being an MC at a squash tournament can be mentally tougher than playing. Our appreciation for John Nimick and what he does for the sport of squash. Why being the athlete is still the best job in sports without a doubt. Final thoughts to close the show: how the squash industry is growing and the role of podcasts in sports.   Highlights: (time indicated is from the start of the main show.  Does not take intro it ad’s and intro’s)   “It’s the lack of recognition and the lack of fame that the caddies get with the comforts of the financial reward, that, for me, would be [ideal].” — Paul Johnson [0:15:54]   “Most Major League Baseball teams, [for] $70 to 80,000 a year, employ a bullpen catcher. Someone who literally just warms up the catchers in the bullpen and that is all he does.” — @SquashRadio [0:20:15]   “In the world of squash in the United States, I can’t imagine there would be a more sought after job in the [US] than the head squash coach at Yale University.” — @SquashRadio [0:31:30]   “Being an ex-professional player who still feels very much part of the game with the commentary, you’re traveling to the tournaments, you’re watching the best players in the world. You almost feel as though you’re still involved and you feel as though you’re still on tour.” — Paul Johnson [0:38:53]   “Being the athlete is the best job in sports. There is no question about it.” — @SquashRadio [0:51:40]   Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:   Paul Johnson Andy Whipp article about jobs in sport John Nimick The NetSuite Open Squash Radio Squash Radio on Twitter Squash Radio Email   REACH OUT:  FAN FOLLOW UP! In this segment, we will be sharing the feedback, comments, insights, you name it!  So reach out us on social media or email As always, thanks for listening! SPONSOR SUPPORT: BIA Sports They were on a mission to develop the best court shoe EVER.  These shoes are performance ready, straight out of the Box.  Made by squash player for Squash players! The latest shoes are out BIA FORCE X, go to their website take a look!