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Thank again for tuning in and we hope you Enjoy the show! Time Stamps for TBD Segments: R&R Topic:  Bill’s Top 3 grudges   [starts at 2:10 m= 20 mins] Breakdown:  When did you last mix up the squash ball you play with? Give it a shot! [starts at 23:00 = 22 mins] **NEW SEGMENT** Putting On Your PJ’s:  Paul Johnson is back! We pay tribute to Malcolm Willstrop [starts at 44:50 = 22 mins]   Today we are back with a bang, talking about long-held grudges and the issue of which balls to use on the court! We kick things off in this episode exploring Bill's top three personal grudges of all time, from the sandwich deli fallout to the Irish bar incident, and not to forget his reaction to being stood up by a famous actor!   After this inflammatory section of the show we get down to squash business, and try to get to grips with the question of different balls that are used in the sport. Many of us are returning to the game after a forced hiatus during the pandemic, and what better time than to brush up on which ball suits your game the best? In the end, the ball that gets you most excited and out on the court is probably the one you should be using, and we discuss the four main types of squash balls before diving into which suit us, when, and why. To finish things off we consider the possibility of adjustments being made to standard ball specifications and how this could affect the spectatorship of the game in the future.   ***NEW SEGMENT LAUNCH*** ‘Putting on your PJ’s’!  We welcome back a worldwide fan favorite of Paul Johnson (PJ) who will be doing a re-occurring segment on TBD.  In this inaugural segment we pay tribute to Malcolm Willstrop who was a master of the Sport at developing World Class talent, Icon of the legendary Pontefract Squash Club & impact for generations.        Key Points From This Episode: Discussing personal grudges and how we deal with them differently. Bill's top three grudges; the deli, O'Brien's, and Hugh Jackman!  Getting back to playing after so long off during the pandemic! Improved rallies with the single dot ball.   Unpacking the four main types of squash balls; intro ball, progress ball, competition ball, and championship ball.  Why hockey is the least popular of the four main American sports: visibility issues for viewers.  Thoughts on adjustments to ball size and dye colors for the audience's benefits. Testing out different types of balls to find which suits your skill level.  Squash and the Olympics; the potential for a grudge if the doubles game was accepted!   Tweetables: “When you work from home you don't see anybody, what's fun about having a grudge if you can't see that person and grudge against them?” — @Bucksquash    “The intro ball is 12% larger than the standard ball, but it gets 40% longer hang time. And then the progress ball is 6% larger than the standard ball, but gets 20% longer hang time.” — @conor79v [0:27:22]   “Can squash go with a bigger ball that has the same bounce as the two-dot? What would be the harm in that?” — @Bucksquash [0:33:54]   REACH OUT:  FAN FOLLOW UP! In this segment, we will be sharing the feedback, comments, insights, you name it!  So reach out us on social media or email As always, thanks for listening! SPONSOR SUPPORT: BIA Sports They were on a mission to develop the best court shoe EVER.  These shoes are performance ready, straight out of the Box.  Made by squash player for Squash players! The latest shoes are out BIA FORCE X, go to their website take a look!