The Comeback (part 4 ) "SuperSpreaders"


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In the early days of this pandemic, we were desperate for information and updates. There was confusion and conflicting messages. Trustworthy and reliable news was at a premium. It wasn't too long before we weren't sure which "voices" we could trust. COVID didn't start this phenomenon but it sure seemed to accelerate it. More than at any point in human history is the need for a true, transcendent and loving voice to break through all the static and noise. The good news is that it's available to you! NAC, it's time for a comeback. If you’re new-ish to our community we’d love to welcome you personally. Let us know you’re listening by clicking here Don’t want to miss any NAC news? Sign up for our weekly e-newsletter Sign up for our 6 week zoom seminar, HEARING GOD Sign up for our 6 week small group on discovering your spiritual gifts, NETWORK