The Conspiracy Theory Episode: Q Anon, Plandemic, and more with Douglas Van Dorn


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Religion & Spirituality

Special Guest Doug Van Dorn joins Seth & Nirva for an episode on conspiracies, plandemic, and current events. You can hear our bonus episode where Doug discusses 9/11 and other topics by supporting us on Patreon! Doug Van Dorn Website ( Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado ( Conspiracy Theory: A Christian Evaluation of a Taboo Subject ( Watch this episode on YouTube ( Listen to this week’s bonus episode on Patreon ( Show Sponsor Learn more about Impact 360 Institute ( and their apologetic videos and resources for students and young adults. Purchase an online course and use the promo code FREEMIND to get $25 off! Visit: ( Freemind Patreon Support Freemind with a monthly donation on our Patreon page ( and gain access to bonus episodes, interviews, and more! Visit ( to join today. Social Media Links Seth and Nirva's Website ( Seth and Nirva on YouTube ( Seth and Nirva on Instagram ( Seth and Nirva on Twitter ( Stephen Robles on Instagram ( Stephen Robles on Twitter ( Apologetics and Philosophy Resources Reasonable Faith ( J.P. Moreland Website ( Ravi Zacharias Ministries ( Stand To Reason ( Impact 360 Institute ( Science & Religion Reasonable Faith ( Discovery Institute ( John Lennox ( Reasons To Believe ( Answers In Genesis ( BioLogos ( Politics and Culture Os Guiness ( Prager U ( Discovery Institute ( Wayne Grudem ( Eric Metaxas ( LGBTQ Joe Dallas ( Christopher Yuan ( Can You Be Gay and Christian? By Dr. Michael Brown ( Outlasting The Gay Revolution By Dr. Michael Brown ( Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill ( Special Guest: Douglas Van Dorn.