The Gospel of Mark: Jesus Farewell Prophecy // Ed Nalle


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Leesburg Community Church

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Sunday June 21, 2020 Ed Nalle The Gospel of Mark: Jesus Farewell Prophecy Mark 13:1-23 The Gospel of Mark gives an action-packed, fast-paced look at the life of Jesus. As Jesus moves from place to place and person to person, He leaves people amazed and in awe of his authority, teachings and miracles. Writing to the Roman gentiles Mark declares that, “Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.” The picture Mark paints also helps us to understand that Jesus came not only as King, but as the Servant King. We see Jesus love, help and heal, ultimately giving his life for each one of us. We will study the everyday movements of Jesus with the hope that we too might learn to love and serve others. For to follow Christ, is to pick up our cross and follow him. Find Out More Information: Website: Social Media: Instagram: @leesburg_community_church Facebook: LeesburgCC --- Send in a voice message: