The Greatest Rock Band You Never Heard


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In 1998, Steve Taylor reached up and touched the golden underbelly of rock stardom as leader of the greatest rock band you never heard, The Uninvited. Following ten years of struggle in Los Angeles—the epicenter of the dream/reality splatter zone—his band inked a major label deal with Atlantic Records, pulling back the velvet rope on the most exclusive club in the world. (I was there the whole time, BTW. Steve's my brother, and we formed the band together). For two incredible, sweat-drenched and mind-altering years, Steve had fame by the tender bits and squeezed hard. And when it looked like it couldn't get any better, it did: Mia, the achingly-unattainable woman of his dreams, landed in The Attainable Zone. But sometimes, dreams collide in a rush to come true, and what Steve thought he held in the palm of his hands started slipping through his fingers... Steve Taylor joins me on the podcast to discuss the memoir that chronicles it all: The Uninvited - On The Road With The Greatest Rock Band You Never Heard. And it's not just sex, drugs, and rock & roll (well, it sorta is). It's the story of how life should be a story, and how dreams don't die, though they might change a bit along the way. The Greatest Rock Band You Never Heard probably pairs best with Jack Daniels, but since they don't pay me, I think you should check out the Tous Les Jours 2019 Pinot Grigio from Lodi instead. Crisp, refreshing, light in alcohol, and only $15 with free shipping. Now THAT's rockin'...