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Episode 58 of Geoff & Jeffrey: The Weekly Catch Up "The Happy Hollisters Are Still Swell!"  An Australian and a guy from the U.S. talk audio, video, content creation, and that other stuff. It is streamed live on YouTube on Wednesday mornings in the U.S., and Wednesday evenings in Australia. The link for the video of this episode is at the bottom of the page. TODAY The Happy Hollister series of books for young children were written by Andrew E Svenson under the pen name of Jerry West. The Hollister family – Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly, and Sue – were modeled on Svenson’s own children and their family life in Bloomfield, NJ. Mr. Hollister owns The Trading Post, a hardware store and toy shop in fictional Shoreham, and is often assisted at the store by his tight-knit family. The family has fun and adventures together, but when the mysteries arise, the independent Hollister children become amateur sleuths and are allowed to investigate and solve the mysteries on their own. We had 3 of these books when I was a young child, and were my absolute favorite books to read at that young age, but as I adult I found that there were actually 33 in the series. I started collecting them, and have 19 of the original books so far. More than 11 million copies of the books had been sold over the publishing history, then in 2010 the Svenson Group, Inc began reissuing the volumes in both paper back and Kindle Ebook format. The lessons of honesty, integrity, good manners, and a diligent work ethic are demonstrated all through the books. This is in the course of a real mystery being solved and lots of action to keep the young reader's attention. The person your child will become will be greatly affected by what is read, watched and listened to at the early tender ages. What is YOUR child reading?   If you would like to receive notifications of new episodes in your email, go to On the right side of the page there is a place to subscribe to the blog. We hope you enjoy the show! Geoff Blanchard's Web Site: All Things Jeffrey K. Holbrook: A special thanks for Brother Jon at the Remnant Bible Fellowship Podcast for composing and performing the theme music for the audio version of the show. Affiliate links cost you nothing extra, but help support The Geoff & Jeffrey Show! If you are wondering about starting your own podcast, go to Find the Video Version on the RELATECasts Network! My personal YouTube Channel: