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Several hundred halved golf balls later we can finally answer: Who's got the highest quality golf balls? 0:58 - The best Player's Distance Irons 3:39 - Who should play Player's Distance? 9:28 - Mizuno: More than a feeling? 15:14 - The Ball Lab Quality Comparison Tool 21:44 - The number one ball in golf? 27:13 - Hot Seat: Callaway or Taylormade? 30:16 - Golf Ball Q&A 36:31 - Closing thoughts + Ball performance test update The Best ? Player's Distance Iron: --------------------------------------------- Welcome to MyGolfSpy! Over 15 million golfers a year turn to MyGolfSpy to get unbiased, tested reviews and recommendations for the best golf gear to help you improve your game. Golfers like you turn to us because we're independent and unbiased. And, over the years, we've created the #1 resource for golfers who put cold, hard data above marketing hype. #MYGOLFSPY #CONSUMERFIRST Check out MyGolfSpy today! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Used by over 15 million forward-thinking golfers! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to MYGOLFSPY on YouTube: OUR MISSION: --------------------------------------------- Check out MyGolfSpy's other channels! -------------------------------------------- ?REVIEWS: ?BUYERS GUIDES: ?NEW RELEASES: ?PODCAST: ?DRIVER FITTING TOOL: ------------------------------------ MYGOLFSPY on Social Media ------------------------------------ ?Twitter: ?Facebook: ?Instagram: