The History of Meal Prep Companies


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Real Time With Macro Meals


Title: Macro Meals | The history of Meal Prep Companies |Intro = Clay ClarkDescription: Meal Prep companies are known for delivering to your front door. Meals are pre-portioned ingredients for a number of meals every week. Sometimes, the customer is responsible for taking the ingredients, use an enclosed recipe and then create their home-cooked meal. Companies like ours provide meals that are ready to heat, ready to eat. Most meal prep companies require a subscription for a predefined number of meals.Of course, the cool thing is that they are usually healthy and calorie-conscious…but still flavorful. My favorite meal from Macro Meals online has to be one of our Indian inspired dishes..Tahini Chicken with coconut rice….so good.Recent history statistic: According to Neilson and published in trade magazine Grocery Dive, 14.3 million households purchased meal kits in the last half of 2018, up 3.8 million households from 2017, which shows that there is still interest in online purchasing. The grocery business, however, is booming, with in-store sales totaling $93 million in 2018.Source: did it all start???It seems that this industry started in Europe in 2007 with a Meal Kit delivery….where you take all the ingredients and chef it up in your own house.Let’s take a look and see the growth potential and where the industry may go in the future with the picture-perfect company, Plated. It is probably one of the most known meal prep companies.Statistic: Plated is averaging growth of 500 percent per year. In 2014, Plated was on Shark Tank and scored a deal with Mark Cuban…$500,000 for 6 % of their company….but later the deal fell apart with Cuban.When the show re-visited the company in a follow-up segment called “Beyond the Tank,” Kevin O’Leary was impressed with the start-up’s development and made an investmentWith the sale of Plated to Albertsons Companies, O’Leary made a 1,346 percent return on his investment, he tells CNBC Make It. The $300 million sale is the largest exit for a featured business in the history of “Shark Tank,” according to O’Leary and a representative for the show, which is about to premier its ninth season.Source: “Study the past if you would define the future.”― Confucius Action: Go to www.macromealsonline.comSupport the show