The Impact of Racism on BIPOC Mental Health with Chioma Janelle


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Sex is Medicine with Devi Ward


Our ability to give, receive, and respond to pleasure is largely dictated by our sense of emotional and physical well-being. From a very basic physiological perspective, if you don’t feel safe – physically, emotionally, or psychologically – your sexual function simply doesn’t function. Or, certainly not as well as it could/should. There are a LOT of stressors in our Western lifestyle that can impact our sexual experience, many of which go unnoticed because they are so common and normalized. One ongoing and all pervasive stressor for POC that often gets overlooked is that of racism, and the impact of racism on the physical, mental, emotional, and sexual well-being of POC.Join Devi Ward Erickson and Mental health professional, Chioma Janelle, as they discuss the impact of racism on BIPOC mental health and how that can affect our sexual experience.Find out about:*How intergenerational trauma manifests and replicates itself.*The effects of colonization in fostering Trauma*How Trauma affects our nervous system, relationships and how we relate and connect to one another*Healing from “The superwoman syndrome”*The power of Black resilience*How POC ACTUALLY find healing vs what’s currently offered in the available systems of “healing”*How Black bodies are misdiagnosed due to racism and overwhelm*Using Black Feminist approach as a way of healing- using community and collective space, creativity, and PLEASUREJoin us for this AASECT Award winning show.