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Don't Take It From Us


Welp, eventually all good things must come to an end. Listen to Jenna and JR say their goodbyes and discuss why the podcast won't be continuing. For old time's sake the duo do one more round of Bumblebraggin' and answer all remaining DMs! Thanks for listening and supporting for the past 70 episodes! Stay in touch with our hosts: Jenna: @JennaLCrowley JR: @JRWillDoIt Bumblebraggin’ (8:55) -Hector Down in the DMs (19:00) -I just graduated from college and am moving to NYC for work. I’ve only gone on a handful of dates in my life and none of them progressed much. If I’m being honest, I haven’t really taken dating seriously, but now that I’m moving into a new stage of my life I would really like to. My question is: where/how do I start? I am absolutely a dating/relationship novice, and the sheer size and pace of dating in NYC seems daunting. -Hey man I have a question for you and Jenna. My gf (of 3 years) and I recently graduated law school and will be working at the same firm starting in September. We’re in different practice groups and she’s in a smaller office about two hours from the bigger office I’m in. They knew we were dating when they hired us as summer associates so there’s no issue on that end (don’t worry Jenna) but I was wondering if you had any advice on balancing our professional careers with keeping our relationship healthy for the year or two before she moves to the same office as me. Thanks and love the podcast. -Question for Down In The Dms that you may have more of a connection to: What is PreNup etiquette? Not that I'm close to that point, but am I allowed to be more upfront because I've seen my dad go through 3 divorces?