The Pet Doctor - Episode 316 Decoding What is Going On Between a Kitten’s Ears


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Were you one of those folks that resisted getting a pandemic pet? Thought there was enough craziness in this world and adding a pet to the mixture was more than you could handle? But recently you have been toying with the idea of having a baby in the house? Dog…might take too much time and not sure if you have the room. Cat…you’ve had them in the past, they are pretty easy…litter box, food, water, occasional trip to the vet. Yeah, easy peasy. Maybe not.

My guest is Dr. Ellen Lindell. As a board certified veterinary behaviorist, she is a firm believer that when a pet owner understands how kittens grow physically, mentally and emotionally, you greatly increase the chance that they will thrive, behavioral issues can be minimized and the bond between human and feline will be strong and nurturing.

EPISODE NOTES: Decoding What is Going On Between a Kitten’s Ears