The Phantom X Project #1 (of 6)


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Why have hundreds of supercriminals been renditioned by the US Government to serve as soldiers in the Phantom X Project? How did low-grade bank robber Golden Arrow emerge in the God War as a omega-level threat? How did a silverback gorilla desert from the military to lead an army of gods into war? Leaked audio from the darkest corners of the deep state tell the grisly tale... NOTE: This series takes place before The God War CAST: Braune - Eli (@_thevikingbear) Golden Arrow - Phillip (@canada_phillip) Shift - Marc (@laughwithmarc) Sophia / Snuff - Nicole (@sciencemadame) U.S. Ape - Alex (@happypuke) White Matter - Jesse (@backfliphi5) Hosted by Jay (@_jayhi5) Illustrations by Witch Planet (@witch_planet) Made possible from support from: Tony Srimongkolkul, Tony S, Trish, Eli, Mike, Matthew, Bailee, Nicole, Maddie, Phil, Ashleh, Steph, Zak, Jack, Pamela, Jan, Cody, Michael, Robert, Gwynn, Ben C, Hunter, Ben A, Trans Fur Productions, Logan B, Zackary, Jesse