The Power of Social Media: With Guests Gary Marella & Stasha Harris


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Three and a Half Degrees: The Power of Connection


Episode 3: The Power of Social MediaAt the start of the Covid-19 pandemic many businesses, large and small, had to rethink their operating models. Many turned to social platforms like Instagram and Facebook to build an online presence and reach loyal customers. In this episode of Boost My Business with David Fischer, you’ll hear from two entrepreneurs who skillfully leveraged the power of social media to help grow their brands and reach audiences worldwide.You’ll meet small business owner, Stasha Harris, of Brooklyn-based Magic Fingers Studio, as well as Gary Marella, CEO of Mono Music Group and one of the co-founders of Verzuz. They both share with David how they pivoted their work onto social media, the surprising reaction from global audiences as well as provide useful tips on how other entrepreneurs can do the same. Boost My Business is an original podcast sponsored by Boost With Facebook. For more on the series, visit you enjoy the show, please leave a  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating or review on Apple Podcasts.