The Rules of Ghosts, Part 1


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Something strange happened to me not long ago. Something that kind of freaked me out. A bizarre incident that reinforced my growing suspicion that perhaps not all is as it seems here in the material world. I've long been a skeptic about ghosts, or spirits, or lost souls, or whatever you want to call them. I'm an empirical guy. Show me data, show me proof, give me the evidence. But my mind is changing, because of this recent incident and another one that occurred almost ten years ago. But even as my mind opens to the possibility of ghosts and the spirit world, I have questions. Are there laws that govern what spirits can do? As corporeal beings, the laws of nature and physics determine what we can and cannot do. I can't make an object levitate. I can't walk through a wall. Do ghosts have a similar set of rules? How come a ghost has never come up to me and said, "Hi JT, I'm a ghost?" Is it because they just can't do that. In the first part of this two-part series, I discuss this strange incident that occurred recently, then take a deep dive into why it may have happened. It's a twisty road, stretching from a haunted castle to Facebook corporate headquarters. The rules of ghosts are not easy to determine. But if we're to solve this mystery, we need to know the rules. It's no mystery that my new wine brand, Tous Les Jours, brings you fantastic wines at amazing prices (see what I did there?). This week, I feature the 2018 Tous Les Jours Cabernet Sauvignon, North Coast. It's only $19, and shipping is free with 6 or more bottles, or only $9.95 if you're cheap AF and get less than 6. Get you some!