The Rules of Ghosts, Part 2


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In the final episode of my two-part series on the Rules of Ghosts, I reveal the life-changing event that shaped the way I now look at the world beyond our own. Yet, I'm still left with questions. Namely, why hasn't a ghost just come up to me and said, Yo, JT, I'm a ghost, and we need to talk?" To get some insight into this answer, I reached out to writer, witch, and spirit medium Kristen Nedopak.  Kristen's own incredible story—and the way it shaped her worldview—gives some fascinating perspective into the spirit world, and why it's something important to be in tune with.And what wine pairs with learning the Rules of Ghosts? The 2020 Tous Les Jours Chenin Blanc/Viognier Blend from California. Why? No reason. Like, literally, I have no specifically good reason at all. It's just a super yummy and totally quaffable white wine that only costs $15 and comes with free shipping. So you should get some. Now. Remember to follow Pairs With Life on Instagram and to follow Kristen Nedopak, too!