The Sh*t We Survive: I Never Thought I'd Live This Long - with Paul Jacek


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Real Talk For The New Age. ~ Created & hosted by Rebekah Muir. Episode 23 - The Sh*t We Survive: I Never Thought I'd Live This Long - with Paul Jacek. "I have faced AIDS, alcoholism and two emergency landings. I've got dying down. It's this living that'll kick the crap out of you. (*laughter*) There's not much more I can scare myself with. Quite literally. I'm still a work in progress, God knows, but... the most wealthy thing I know is my experience. This is how I got through it. It isn't because I read it out of a book and it's not because I heard it somewhere. I have the experience - this is how I did it. And no one does it perfectly, and we're never going to get it all done. Frequently in my morning meditation I will stop and go, 'How much fun can we have today?' And there are days when I'm a crank. I wake up with my lip curled and a little snotty because everybody has this human aspect. I think there are like four vultures that sit at the foot of my bed and I wake up and one of them goes, 'Oh, what a shame you woke up.' And the other one goes, 'You've gained a little weight during the evening, you've lost a little hair, nobody loves you, have a nice day.' That stuff starts, and I think it's part of the human condition. And I have rolled out of bed, hit my knees and said, 'Reporting for duty.'" - Paul Jacek. Find Paul at & at  Find Paul at and at