The strongest bond in relationships is with your family


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John Vuong is the owner of Local SEO Search. His parent's immigrated from Vietnam to Canada to raise their family, where John was born. They were a tight knit family which is what attributed to John and his siblings achieving success in their own lives. They grew up with few luxuries and this provided John with a strong desire to achieve. With a degree in Business finance, Vuong entered the world of advertising and marketing with Yellow Pages for many years before branching out on this own. He started an SEO business with little knowledge after identifying a need from his business customers. Today, Vuoung is reading everything and anything about nutrition after having lost 40 pounds due to a health scare from living an unhealthy, convenient lifestyle. Vuong believes his tight knit family growing up taught him to build a successful team by treating his employees like family. The keys to success are staying grounded and respecting everyone, adopting a curious mindset and giving more as it not only helps others, it also helps you in every area of your own life.