The US, China and the EU: the great decoupling?


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Café Clingendael


What must be done to stop trade becoming a weapon in a 3-way geopolitical stand-off? In this podcast, moderator Rem Korteweg of the Clingendael Institute is joined by Yu Jie, Senior Research Fellow on China, Chatham House; Scott Kennedy, Senior Adviser and Trustee Chair in Chinese Business and Economics, Center for Strategic and International Studies; and Frans-Paul van der Putten, Senior Research Fellow, the Clingendael China Centre. Listen as they discuss the mutual frustration and mistrust growing between Washington DC, Brussels and Beijing as trade, technology and security increasingly fuse into a toxic, zero-sum mix. The AIG Global Trade Series 2020 is a series of podcasts analysing the complex interplay of factors shaping the global trade system. The series is brought to you by AIG in partnership with the Clingendael Institute and some of the world’s leading centers of expertise on global trade.