The Womb Sauna- with Thema Azize Serwa


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Thema Azize Serwa is the leading expert in the vaginal steaming industry. She has created a unique method of vaginal steaming that provides over 25 biopsychosocial health benefits that has been ranked #1 in the industry by MakMedia TV. Thema's work has also been talked about in HuffPost for its impact on women entrepreneurs. Her work has been celebrated in local publications, local and international radio, and in households of YouTubers and Facebookers worldwide who travel to get to "Thema's pot". She has also advanced her #HealEverything movement by training and certifying Womb Sauna Practitioners in 9 different countries. She is an empowerment mogul, known for her public speaking, high energy and transparency, and a best selling author who is dedicated to demonstrating to the world the value and impact of the Womb Sauna experience.