This Immersive Globe | Steve Boyle of Epic Immersive


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Immersion Nation Podcast


This week in the interview we talk with the one, the only, Steve Boyle; CEO of Epic Immersive. From immersive hackathons in Paris to swing dancing in Japanese internment camps, we cover a whole lot of ground! We start by discussing steve’s background which starts with performance education in Thailand, India, and Indonesia while attending NYU, and ends in the unexpected origins of Epic Immersive. We trace the line between producing 100 actor shows, creating immersive work in China, and starting a secretive immersive incubator in San Francisco. Finally, we land on the part speaker series, part video game experience that is the upcoming ‘This Immersive Globe’.Note: This page will be added as of Tuesday afternoon, 7/28/2020[You can find the complete show notes and more details on the guests and experiences at this page on the Immersion Nation Website]