Thread Season 4 Episode 27: The Significance of Abraham and the Jewish Nation


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Thread Bible Podcast with Dr. Chuck Quinley

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In this episode of Thread, the Big Story leads to Abraham and look at the answer to the question: Why are Christians so supportive of Israel? We'll give an overview of the last 11 chapters which end with God's decision to divide the one human race into nations with distinct languages, cultures and traditions. At this point, the Creator seems to take a break from direct involvement with humans, except for one man, Abraham. He's the beginning of God's plan to save humans from themselves and to give them a new heart. Abraham's seed will bring God's solution to the division of Heaven and Earth and restore the world back to it's original purpose as God's Home.Music by Ryan AndersenRyan Andersen is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial License.Thread Bible Podcast is produced and edited by Ross Schmidt and is brought to you by Medialightonline.comSupport the show ( the show (