Top Tips for Eye Care by Dr.Sujatha Rathod | Spotlight with Sandhya


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These tips will help you take care of overworked and tired eyes. Dr. Sujatha Rathod, Director, Professor & Head of Community Ophthalmology, Minto Ophthalmic Hospital, talks to host Sandhya Mendonca about what you must stop doing and what your must do to reduce the strain on your eyes.She also talks about the special care one must give children during the pandemic, and the remarkable work being done by the historic Minto Ophthalmic Hospital in Bengaluru.Season 2 | Episode 17 | Spotlight with SandhyaWatch the video here: Alpesh DangodaraVoice Over : Prakash Paul#eyecaretips #mintohospital #covid3rdwave #covidvaccinekids#spotlightwithsandhya #suajtharathod