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She Said He Said - an ADHD relationship


Hi ADHD friends and loved ones, This is Craig and Anna. We are very excited to bring this trailer episode to you!  In this trailer, we talked about how we want to use this Podcast to help more people who are in a relationship with an ADHD partner.  We feel that there are more than enough resources for people with ADHD, but not enough resources for people who do not have ADHD, like Anna, but are in a relationship with them. As the loved one in this relationship, Anna feels she has a lot of struggles and challenges that are not easy at all. Luckily, Anna and Craig also developed tons of solutions and mindset to treat ADHD through years of trial and error. Please consider subscribing to this Podcast. Share this with your friends or family members who have ADHD. Sincerely, Craig and Anna Our contact info: Twitter: @ADDrelationship Anna's social media: @AnnaPanFilms Craig's social media: @TheDerbiedOne