Trapping continues but Spring is coming


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Welcome to Roaming Alaska. It's David and Rachelle back for episode 3. Our download numbers are growing fast so we want to thank all of you for taking the time to listen to our adventures. In our last episode we talked about how cold it was during the start of our trapping season. We discussed some of the successes and stories that we came away with. We mentioned in the previous episode that many of the trails we had our sets on had dried up and there was little activity. I had thought that it might have been because it had warmed up suddenly and then then just as quickly the temps plummeted again but after nearly two weeks there was still little activity even in the sets where we had made multiple catches. In this episode we decided to do a little scouting and found where they all disappeared too. This required breaking a new trail but we now have a large new loop to trap along. Rachelle and I did get out on the line to check it together and were very surprised to find several trails from a lynx. We had heard of lynx sightings in the area but had seen no signs ourselves. We did cut in yet another trail as well though we didn't make any sets on it yet.Rachelle talks about finding Labrador Tea and my failed attempt at using it to make the house smell nice.While trapping season continues, we have begun our planning for our garden. It seems way too early because we still have over four feet of snow. The temperature has risen from 20-30 below to over 20 above though the forecast shows it's going to dip back in the -20's again. Spring is still coming and it'll be here before we know it so now is the time for us to start planning out our herb garden and we'll be starting our seeds indoors here shortly. We'll get our vegetables going soon after that. Make sure to subscribe to our podcasts on your favorite app, subscribe to our blog at and follow us on Instagram at Roaming_Alaska