Travelling with your partner


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Vacations are supposed to be fun but sometimes travelling with your significant other can be super stressful. Spending long hours together in unfamiliar settings, sometimes confined to small spaces, and expecting everything to be perfect can be a recipe for disaster. In this episode of Love Uncovered, Phil and Robyn offer some tips to help keep your relationship as strong at the end of the trip as it was at the beginning. From being flexible in your plans, being open to new experiences, scheduling in some alone time, and demystifying hotel sex, we are here to help navigate some of the pitfalls of travelling with your partner (It also gives us an excuse to talk about our recent trip to Ireland). We'd love to hear your thoughts! Reach out to us on Twitter @Love_Uncovered, or individually to Phil @baconhound and Robyn @MedusaBeth. Big thanks to Our Good Wolf for providing the music of Love Uncovered! Remember to subscribe to Love Uncovered on iTunes or Google Play or anywhere else you get your podcasts from. If you like what you hear please leave a kind review because it helps other people find us! Much love Robyn and Phil