TSEP 037: Girl Likes Boy


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Join Marcie Prohofsky and the orgasmic messengers of OneTaste in this episode of Erotic Open Mic recorded live at OneTaste Urban Retreat Center in San Francisco. Strap yourself in good and tight because this is going to be one intense ride. The night begins with Lauren’s sultry song ‘Girl Likes Boy’, a tribute to the math in polyamorous situations. The lyrics will make you smile while the melody will keep you tapping your feet and humming along. In ‘The Playboy,’ Yia recounts a sexual scene from her childhood, with enough detail that we feel we are there with her in the moment and feeling her vulnerability. Chealsey brings down the house when she shares several pieces both from her personal book of poems as well as some improvisation, all filled with passion and truth, revealing her desire and her shadow. Tune into all this and more in this week’s episode of Erotic Open Mic and feel a wide range of sensations, from forbidden childhood exploration to virginal adulthood, all recorded live at OneTaste in San Francisco.