UNDO RADIO: Ep 11 - Getting Results From Intensity w/ Rich Tu


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Check out Episode 11 with Rich Tu as we talk about getting results from intensity and focusing on your next move, body dysmorphia in men, and Rich's podcast First Gen Burden.  I listen to Travis Scott when I run, and I watch Brooklyn 99 while I eat Adobo [3:35] I’ve been quitting my way to the top for over a decade [8:29] Know that you can have a bad game [18:44] I didn’t want people thinking there’s Rich Tu 'he's big as hell [26:30] Sanity walks [30:11] Rich Tu richtu.com instagram.com/rich_tu UNDO Ordinary www.undoordinary.com www.instagram.com/undoordinary_ www.instagram.com/askvash www.instagram.com/esymai S/O to our partners @ListeningPartyPresents and @CanalStreetMarket www.instagram.com/listeningpartypresents www.instagram.com/canalstreetmarket Links First Gen Burden Podcast - firstgenburden.com/ Producer: Jamie McCracken --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/undo-radio/support