UNDO RADIO: Ep 12 - Knowing When To Say "No" w/ Shawna X


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We're joined by Shawna X on the podcast, as we delve into her experiences in the creative industry, involving managing her social media presence, dealing with the problems of lowballing, and working through her pregnancy. Who is Shawna X? [00:28]  Balancing Social Media Presence and Creating Quality [02:50]  The problems of lowballing in creative industries [11:13]  Work and Pregnancy [23:23]  Lightning Round Questions [28:10] Shawna X   www.instagram.com/shawnax UNDO Ordinary www.undoordinary.com www.instagram.com/undoordinary_ www.instagram.com/askvash www.instagram.com/esymai S/O to our partners @ListeningPartyPresents and @CanalStreetMarket www.instagram.com/listeningpartypresents www.instagram.com/canalstreetmarket Links Pricing Design Work & Creativity - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKXZ7t_RiOE Producer: Wasiq Al Mamun --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/undo-radio/support