UNDO RADIO: Ep 9 - Being There for This Generation and the Next w/ Josh Mock


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Check out Episode 9 with Josh Mock as we talk about Uptown New York's pace setting spirit, what's missing from a 21st century upbringing, and handball. For me it was the freedom [7:37]  Nobody's giving out real advice [10:16]  The internet doesn't dictate anybody's hustle [16:46]  Give the kids an outlet where they can do shit on their own [20:34]  A lot of the people behind the scenes are from Uptown [25:00] Uptown keeps it between us [26:59]  We either do it the way we want, or we don't do it at all [28:28] Josh Mok -https://www.instagram.com/flicksnkicks/ Wru Crew - https://www.werunuptown.com/calendar UNDO Ordinary www.undoordinary.com www.instagram.com/undoordinary_ www.instagram.com/askvash www.instagram.com/esymai S/O to our partners @ListeningPartyPresents and @CanalStreetMarket www.instagram.com/listeningpartypresents www.instagram.com/canalstreetmarket Producer: Jamie McCracken --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/undo-radio/support