Unmasking the Revolution - Season 2, Episode 1


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French Revolution? Unmasking Truth -- Unmasking Revolution


“Look Forward, March Back.” [Episode 1]  The first season revealed the mask.  This obscene disguise is growing tattered, thank God, exposing so called noble motives for overthrowing king and church as perfidious and blasphemous.  The Revolution, that is the French Revolution, was the omega of goodness and the first fruits of hell. One item at a time, the Revolution destroys state, corporation, and society; eats away and dissolves flesh, mind, and soul. The story of the past 200 years—war, inflation, murder, racism, genocide, environmental destruction, totalitarianism, automation, anarchy—is the narrative of something that is either totally insane or incomprehensibly evil. But, it is to be hoped, at least, that this is a story that is no longer hidden.  If you have the courage, join us, help us rip the mask off and shred into pieces.  Restore the king.  Save yourself. For more information please visit our web site at www.Fleurdelys-Club.org or send us a Voice Message at https://anchor.fm/nomdeplume/message