Unmasking the Revolution - Season 2, Episode 3


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French Revolution? Unmasking Truth -- Unmasking Revolution


"GreatER Fear." [Episode 3] What is the easiest way to control a group? Scare them. What is the easiest way to overthrow a government? Make the population mad with fear. We continue to reveal that the Revolution fetishizes terror, worships hate, and demands continual blood sacrifice. With a no holds barred look at what Halloween has become in the United States and several sharp but uncomfortable observations about the natural world, joined by our intrepid and undercover guide Monsieur—who continues to reveal secrets of the French Revolution heretofore unknown to the English-speaking world—this is not an episode to be missed. For more information please visit our web site at www.Fleurdelys-Club.org or send us a Voice Message at https://anchor.fm/nomdeplume/message