Unmasking the Revolution - Season 2, Episode 5


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French Revolution? Unmasking Truth -- Unmasking Revolution


"GreatER Fear." [Episode 5] What is the easiest way to control a group? Scare them. What is the easiest way to overthrow a government? Make the population mad with fear. The fear reaches a crescendo now—in this episode we wade through the terrible March on Versailles. Bewildered by the true women amidst the cross-dressed mob, the guards did not stop the mob. Enmeshed by the intriguing webs of the Duke of Orléans, put off balance by the power-hungry General Lafayette, their thoughts drowned out by the terrible howling of the rabble, King Louis and Marie Antoinette were laid low and made prisoners...little did they know that was to be only the beginning of their torture. For more information please visit our web site at www.Fleurdelys-Club.org or send us a Voice Message at https://anchor.fm/nomdeplume/message