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Powell Butte Christian Church

Religion & Spirituality

How can you know what’s important to someone? How much they talk about it, right?So - if we did a study through the Bible, you’ll find something eye-opening about what is important to God. And we know this is true because of how much of the Bible is centered around those things…Richard Foster, the man who wrote the book about Spiritual Disciplines that we preached through a few years ago, also wrote a book called “Money, Sex, and Power.” His main point was how these three aspects of life are deeply connected with our spiritual lives. He points out that these are three of the most dominant issues found in scripture - and things that Jesus taught about.What’s funny is that all three are natural parts of life that God gave to us --- but when we allow them to get out of hand and begin to control us, they have this amazingly evil power to corrupt if we aren’t careful. Whenever we experience money, sex, and power outside of God’s design, they become god-like in our lives and begin to exert spiritual power over us.This morning we begin a four-week series related to one of those issues. And it’s an issue that is critical for churches to address --- not because of any need the church has, but because of the responsibility we have in teaching the full counsel of God.