Using Color to Change Your Life, with Walaa


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Hello, Alchemists! How does color speak to you and about you? On this episode you’ll meet an intuitive color-healer and trained interior designer, named Walaa. Through her work she teaches us how to utilize colors for personal healing, changes in life and harnessing the powers of conscious manifestation. Walaa also established a unique five-modality system to support development of emotional fluidity. She uses a combination of color frequency, crystal sound healing, body release movement, mental reprogramming and breathwork to help release blockages. You’ll learn so much about color: the colors you like, the ones you feel an aversion to and how any of this speaks to some level of your energetic flow and personality traits. Learn more about Walaa’s work at and join me in the Alchmey Circle at And if you want to attend the 2021 Reiki Summit, purchase your tickets now to access early bird pricing!