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Untitled Watchmen Podcast

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This is our commentary track on the full Ultimate Cut of Zack Snyder's Watchmen.  This is the 3h35m cut of the film, with additional scenes, the Black Freighter cartoons, and a surprisingly different edit.  We recorded this (all in a room together!) back in early February, and it sort of got lost in the shuffle when the New Times came.  We hope you enjoy it as much (read: more) than we did making it.It's three and a half hours long.  We took a few breaks, which....you can hear.  Will we make it to the end?  Will we ever learn why Laurie is pushing Archie's buttons?  Will we successfully manage to order a pizza in time for "Hallelujah?"  All this and more in this very special episode of Untitled Watchmen Podcast.Start the commentary track as soon as the Warner Brothers logo appears, which should be black on a yellow screen (this was for the Prime rental edition - your own* copy may differ).* - You actually own a copy of the Watchmen Ultimate Cut