Vegan Bulking/Cutting Strategies with IFBB Pro Natalie Matthews


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Generation V


Get Your Favorite Organic Foods and Products From Thrive Market Delivered Right To Your Door At Up to 50% Off Through this EXCLUSIVE Deal From Generation V Vegans are revolutionizing the way we do bodybuilding! Some living proof of that fact is Natalie Matthews. Natalie is an IFBB Bikini Pro, vegan bodybuilder, vegan chef and cookbook author, blogger. Listen if you’re looking for exclusive tips to successfully prepare for a competition as a vegan. And what if you run into people who don't believe you can be successful as a vegan bodybuilder? Use Natalie’s simple strategies to help you prove them wrong and have the perfect peak week. Natalie is impacting thousands of people every day through her lifestyle, and you can too. Jump right in to elevate your nutritional efficiency to get the best body on the platform.   “I wanted to get on stage to be a walking billboard for the vegan community” -Natalie Matthews   If you like this episode Screenshot it Post it on your Instagram Story or Twitter Tag Nimai, Bianca, and Generation V! What do you want to hear from the Generation V Podcast? Tell us here! Timestamps: 3:12 - Say goodbye to severe back acne by removing this one thing from your diet 9:00 - How surfing set Natalie up for success as a bodybuilder and why variety in your workout can actually hinder your momentum 16:42 - Avoid making your nutrition a chore by using Natalie’s best muscle-building menu and strategies to get your calories exactly where they need to be 22:25 - Behind the scenes view of what it looks like to enter into your first competition and even reach your dream of becoming an IFBB Pro 27:50 - Prove them wrong: The best response you can have for vegan lifestyle and bodybuilding haters 32:26 - Get picture-perfect for a wedding OR a competition through Natalie’s unusual peak week preparation strategy 41:17 - How to use supplements to maintain your health through a cut and how you can stay motivated in the gym throughout the week 46:32 - The future for vegan bodybuilding: Why veganism is revolutionizing the way we do bodybuilding and approach nutrition and health   Connect with Natalie: Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter Email Puerto Vegan Cookbook by Natalie Matthews Fit Vegan Chef  | Links Connect with Nimai: Facebook Instagram Youtube ThriveMarket Discount Code: Nimai10