Washington Privacy Act (WPA): Shortcoming and Solutions for 2020


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Welcome to the third episode of Big Data, Big Issues. Today we will continue talking about the Washington Privacy Act (WPA) [hypothetical] 2020. We will be discussing the shortcomings and solutions. This is a follow-up episode of Episode 2, where I discussed the Washington Privacy Act (WPA). You can find episode two of Big Data, Big Issues at this link:► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K-xxZ2dcPU The Washington Privacy Act (WPA) is a large privacy bill in Washington state that had been expected to pass this session has failed to do so.   The Washington Privacy Act (WPA) would have been the second of its kind in the nation, a regulatory framework designed to tackle big tech and consumer issues like facial recognition software and consumer data.     A fraught legislative process saw it heralded as a bill made in the image of other major privacy bills — the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation or the California Consumer Privacy Act — while its detractors consistently argued it lacked proper consumer protections and was too influenced by lobbying efforts from tech companies. Even as Washington failed to pass the WPA, it seems clear that comprehensive privacy legislation is on the rise. Texas, Massachusetts, New York and other states have seen bills introduced this year that would seek to accomplish similar ends.   The context of this video:► Exponential growth in data collection and usage of big data technologies► Growing Consumker awareness► Approved legislation in EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and california Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Here is the content I am talking about in this video:  ► 3:49 - Behavioral Data and Consumer ProfilingProfiling is the recording and classification of behaviors (Electronic Privacy Information Center)Profiles are often created from multiple data sets and apply to targeted advertising, political profiling, informed decision making(like a loan approval) and automated decision making. ► 7:56 - Legal Liability (The problem)The Legal Liability really falls to the Data controller. Basically, the Controllers must ensure data modification/deletion requests from consumers are carried out by all of their processors, as well as any data brokers they have sold to. ► 9:05 - Legal Liability (The solution)Data processors should have some responsability when working for foreign controllers. Interstate commerce is regulated by US Federal Government. ► 11:08 - Corporate Facial Recognition Software ProblemIn the bill it is stated that the Controllers must gain consent from consumers prior to deploying facial recognition services in physical premises open to the public. The placement of conspicuous notice in physical premises that clearly conveys that facial recognition services are being used constitute a consumer's consent. ► 17:55 - Corporate Facial Recognition Software SolutionIn my opinion the consumer consent ought to be substantiated; a full ban should be enforced in public spaces, as data could be incidentally collected without oversight. Facial recognition should be expanded to biometric recognition that would allow voice analysis to be processed. ► 20:46 - Personal Profiling and Automated DecisionsCorporations and government agencies make automated decisions based on analysis of behavioral data, like targeted advertising, political profiling, informed decision making(like a loan approval) and automated decision making. We'll discuss posible solutions ► 24:17 - Law Enforcement and Facial recognition Technologies: Legislation, Shortcomings and solution ► 34:13 - Political Profiling: Issues and Solutions ► 42:22 - Does privacy regulation restrain innovation? To learn more visit our website:  ► https://bigdatabigissues.com/ Follow Sheldon Kreger on LinkedIn:► https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheldon-kreger-16054430/ ? If you enjoyed it and want to support me please leave a LIKE, write a comment on this video and Share it with your friends. Subscribe to my channel and click the ? icon for notifications when I post a new video. #bigdata #WPA #bigissues