WCR w/ 1/2 of the Amazing Gulaks, Rory Gulak + 15 min of FANdom w/ Cathy


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Wrestle City Radio


Listen in as our host, Jorge Alonso, welcomes you to another edition of Wrestle City Radio, diving into the world of professional wrestling, with his own personal opinions on topics including, When will Brock Lesnar defend the Universal Championship and Lesnar vs Cormier?..... Plus we welcome our special guest interview of the night, he is 1/2 of the tag team known as The Amazing Gulak's, and the brother of WWE superstar, Drew Gulak, we welcome, Rory Gulak.... Plus in a new segment we debut, "15 min of FANdom" we speak with Pro wrestling Fan, Cathy to see why and how she became a Wrestling Fan...all this and much more!