WE ARE RADIO SQUASH: Raheem Logan, Author of 'Black Boy Fly' Harlem Native shares his journey and writing process.


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Harlemite and StreetSquash alum Raheem Logan is the author of the children’s book Black Boy Fly, an origin story about the love and challenges of squash. The children’s book is the first title to enter the squash literary canon from a hip hop millennial.   The title comes from Kendrick Lamar’s song Black Boy Fly from the Good Kid Bad City album.  The story follows a children’s literary tradition glorifying flight.  The ability to fly is a common form of wish fulfillment.  As in Maurice Sendak’s Outside Over There and Roald Dahl’s Twits.  And then there’s Toni Morrison’s Song of Soloman!  In the Black literary tradition all god’s children had wings.   Raheem is a graduate of the Canterbury Boarding School in New Milford Connecticut and Weslyan College where he played at #9 for the Cardinals as a freshman and played #1 his senior year.  He’s coached at City Squash and he’s now back at Canterbury where he’s coaching squash and teaching world religion.  He will lead a Squash and Education camp this summer, 2021.   Outside of squash, travel is our communities’ greatest joy.  Squash’s global nature inspires the joys of travel and discovery!   Raheem is presented by Radio Squash for Squash Radio.