Week 43: Screw You, Fans! (ft. Funkydino)


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We Make This Look Good: A Men in Black Podcast


Hey Everybody! Welcome to another very short episode of the podcast! Unfortunately, Jacob is in the process of moving so we are a little strained for time this week. But, even though our Men in Black adventures are cut short this time, we still have a lot of fun including talking to an unexpected guest as well as reading a new review we got for the podcast. It may be short, but we have a blast. You should check it out! You can find this podcast anywhere the internet invaders haven't taken over. You can rate and review us on iTunes and we will read it on the podcast like this time. Email us any questions, comments, or your own thoughts about the complications of moving to wemakethislookgood52@gmail.com. Check us out on Instagram! Thanks for listening. We will talk to you for a longer period of time next week!  --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jacob-chandler/support