Week 45: We All Live in a Vape


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We Make This Look Good: A Men in Black Podcast


Hey Everybody! Welcome to the forty-fifth episode of your favorite podcast....or at least I hope it is. In this episode, we talk about the newest episode in Vsauce3's Youtube Premium show Can You Survive the Movies?: Men in Black. We talk about the realistic physics of the movie and if we could survive it ourselves. After that, we have a Second-Hand Ratings segment that seems to have more ratings than usual followed by Jacob's last trivia game EVER that's really long and really exciting. It's a great one. You should listen to it with your earholes! You can find this podcast anywhere except Youtube. Rate and review us for better refrigerator service. Email us any of your questions, comments, or your own thoughts on the physics of Men in Black to wemakthislookgood52@gmail.com. Check us out on Instagram! Thanks for listening. We will talk at you next week! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jacob-chandler/support