Week 46: K Does Not J Want to Touch This


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We Make This Look Good: A Men in Black Podcast


Hey Everybody! Welcome to the most heated episode of the podcast! In this episode, we play a very confusing game that is very impossible to play that has to do with how much we know the words to MiB. After that, we read a very strangely-read Second-Hand Rating followed by Joshua's last first hosting of the Trivia Game which Caleb is not very happy about. It's a fun one. You should insert it into your brain. You can find this podcast anywhere podcasts consume, infest, and destroy your ears. Rate and review us and we will be shiny happy people. Email us any of your questions, comments, or your own movie obsessions to wemakthislookgood52@gmail.com. Check us out on Instagram! Thanks for listening. We will see you next week! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jacob-chandler/support