Week 49: 4K Hats


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We Make This Look Good: A Men in Black Podcast


Hey Everybody! Welcome to the 49th episode of the podcast! In this episode, we finally get around to talking to Frank the Pug himself in the form of a hologram (not in the flesh; don't listen to Caleb). We ask him a few random question before realizing he might be on to something about our futures...after that, we read a very short but very funny Second-Hand Rating that Caleb is very confused with followed by Joshua's last Trivia Game question EVER!!!!!!! It's a weird one, but it's fun. Check it out! This episode was not sponsored by Amazon, especially their hat department. You can find this podcast anywhere is most convenient for your species. Rate and review us on iTunes. It's easy and free and makes us happy. Email us any of your questions, comments, or your own favorite animal to talk with to wemakthislookgood52@gmail.com. Check us out on Instagram! Thanks for listening. We will see you next week! --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jacob-chandler/support